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7 ways to make money with your website

Why Make Money? I think the most legitimate work from home/online money-making method is designing your own website and then turning it into a host of money-making activities. A website is the ultimate money-making machine, it earns even when you are sleeping.

Today, the Web is an intensely commercial medium, offering plenty of ways to make money. So your best strategy is to earn as much money as possible.

I have enlisted simple and sure ways to earn cash with your website.


The best and most proven method of making a profit out of your website is using advertising. Internet advertising is on an ascending trend, which shows plenty of potential for the near and distant future.

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1. Contextual ads:

The popular search engine – Google has introduced a dramatic new contextual advertising service called AdSense which allows virtually any website owner to make money without having to do too much.

AdSense is a program in which you get paid for targeting your readers to the product or service of another website. Google AdSense simply requires the host site to paste in a few lines of HTML code on their pages where they want those ads to appear.

This code creates the ads that you see and when someone clicks on one of these ads they go to the advertiser’s site. The advertiser is then charged for the click by Google and Google shares the money with you.

Sign up for Google Adsense and place Google ads on your site. Google will display the most appropriate ads according to your content and you will get paid for every click on an ad. People are making thousands a month with this.

2. In-Text Ads:

When you mouse over one of these doubly underlined sponsored links you will be presented with a ToolTip describing an advertiser’s product or service. If someone clicks on the keyword and it will act like an ordinary link taking visitors to a page belonging to the advertising company. For every click on a highlighted keyword, you will receive a small payment.

In-Text Advertising solution lets you monetize your content in real-time, enabling an incremental increase in ad revenue by providing a new source of untapped ad inventory that does not compete with the other ad programs running on the site. Thereby providing you with a new revenue stream from the content within your site. Intellitxt and ContextWeb provide in-text ads to websites.


Another method of monetizing your traffic is by putting links/banners of affiliate programs on your website. The concept is really quite simple. Everything is based on a paid referral system.

Visitors come to your website, you introduced them to a product or service from a third-party vendor through a banner or text link and you get paid a commission by the merchant in various ways:

Paid Per:

  • Click,
  • Lead.
  • Sale.

You can choose affiliate networks where different advertisers offer their banners codes and links that will display their banners on your site along with tracking of your sales and leads. Best affiliate networks to get affiliate programs are :

  • a. CJ (formerly known as Commission Junction)
  • b. Clixgalore
  • c. Linkshare
  • d. JvZoo


Another profitable way to earn money is to sell affiliate products. You simply direct traffic to their Web site and earn commissions when people buy products.

a. A good way to start with affiliate products is to sign up with ClickBank.

There are well over 10,000 different Digital info products. Write up some reviews and recommendations and send traffic to the ClickBank merchant, and if the product sells, you get commissions sometimes as high as 75%. This type of Web site is very simple to set up, however, it requires a large amount of visitor traffic to earn significant money. It’s easy to complement an existing Web site with affiliate links for offering related products to your visitors and, at the same time, earning money.

b. Make money selling other company’s products through affiliate programs.

They’ll give you a link to track your sales. Amazon.com is a great place to get HTML codes for various products to promote and earn a commission. Thousands of people are making a full-time income just by driving traffic from their site to merchant sites, never touching or shipping a product.

5. Charge a fee to access a section of your Site

Provide free access to the main sections of your website, but you can charge a fee for access to the members’ lounge where more lucrative information is often available. If your content is unique and valuable, you can make money by charging for it online. People will pay for access if it’s useful to them. Your members’ lounge could be a forum, downloadable software, eBooks, listings, etc.

6. Collect and sell information

Creating an information database isn’t just a good idea – it’s good business. e.g., you can compile listings for free classified websites, ezines, directories, work at home websites, etc. Put a price tag to download them.

7. Sell your own services to your target audience.

Like if you have a website on “making money online” and you are a web designer, you can make an offer to design the website for your visitor, so that they can make money from the website. You want to be able to take credit cards (at least with PayPal if not otherwise) on your site and deliver your product to your customers as fast as possible.

There are many more methods to make money, but the above-enlisted methods can generate a substantial amount of money for beginners and let us leave the rest for expert guys.

Lastly, when your website is up and working, invest your 75% time in promoting it. Remember most important factor is the amount of traffic on your website.

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