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Email marketing tools that increase web traffic

Email Marketing Tool

Internet marketing has been a reliable way of increasing one’s sales. However, success in internet marketing depends a great deal on how the internet marketer uses the various internet marketing tools, hence I will explore email marketing tools that increase web traffic.

Email is one of the most required tools for signing up on any platform or registering on most websites, it is used for validation, and follow-up of mail correspondence.

The proper use of email marketing tools will determine how fast one can get a potential customer to become a real customer.

Leads are Potential Customers

Potential customers are plenty, and they are just like everyone out there. However, a good internet marketer can identify the target market from these potential customers who may be patronizing your competitor’s products.

Email Marketing Generates Leads and Potential Customers

While your potential customer is presently a real customer of your competitor, you still have a great chance of turning him into your real customer if you use the right email marketing tools.

One such tool that works perfectly well for most internet marketers is the use of follow-up.

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Importance of Follow-up in Email Marketing

These potential customers may have already bought from your competitor; the problem is that customers may have felt ignored or disregarded for lack of a follow-up mechanism.

By wooing that potential customer through follow-up emails and offers, there is a chance that sooner or later, he would become your real customer.

By looking at this as a method of wooing or courting, the effective email marketer will continue to pursue the potential customer without let-up.

Viral E-book for Email Marketing

I believe that another effective email marketing tool is the use of viral e-books which is definitely as effective as the other marketing tools.

By the way, it is called viral for its ability to be passed on like a virus, from one person to another.

Viral Ebook as Marketing Tool

Viral e-books can be your ticket to success in terms of increased website traffic.

You see, people with an interest in a certain topic or issue download your e-book particularly if they stand to benefit from the e-book topic.

The number one rule in creating your e-book is that it must be on a topic that your target market has an interest in their contacts, making the e-book a good material for passing on.

You have to get a very good writer who will create your masterpiece at a minimal cost.

You capitalized on one e-book which would be passed on several, sometimes hundreds or more, people with buying potential. This is probably one cost with a huge return on capital.

Valuable Resource For Your Readers

An e-book without any worthwhile topic has worthed no value to its reader.

When you get your e-book done you must make sure it is in a format for easy access and readability for the majority of computer users.

You can choose from an e-book with an executable format or EXE format or the more popular PDF format.

Most marketers prefer the PDF format as it is easily downloadable provided the user has an Adobe Acrobat reader which can also be easily downloaded free of charge.

In choosing the format of your e-book, remember that people generally have an aversion to everything difficult.

Thus, you must choose a format that is downloadable-friendly and which can easily be passed on from one computer user to another.

More Info On Ebook As Marketing Tool

To make your e-book truly of viral quality, it must be on a very useful topic that will appeal to your target market.

People who get hold of your e-book must also have a good beneficial motivation, financial or otherwise, to pass on the e-book to their contacts.

People who can add their links when passing the e-book will have more reason to pass on your e-book to their contacts.

The more e-book you have on various topics but all leading to your website, the larger the scope of your reach.

You may also want to try using a viral video that follows the same principle of a viral e-book except that it is in a video format. People who like your viral video will surely pass it on to others and you will get more traffic on your website. However, make sure the viral video will be of interest to as many people as possible to make it really viral. Look into Video Dashboard Solutions Here

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targeted email marketing as a Tool

Targeted email marketing is one of the most effective tools being used by internet marketers to get people to know more about their products, and ultimately to patronize their products. As its name denotes, targeted email marketing is emails sent to one’s target market.

Understanding Targeted Email Marketing

An email marketer does this by devising a way to build as many email addresses as his target market. One of the most common strategies being used by email marketers is the sign-up box placed on their website.

Most often, the sign-up box pops up on the website and asks the internet user if he wants to avail of certain products for free.

These products can come in the form of newsletters, white papers, recipes, or just about anything to encourage the user to sign up and reveal his email address.

Sign Up Process

Once the user has signed up, he checks several boxes as to what products he would prefer to receive and on what topics.

Through the sign-up process, the webmaster gets not only the user’s address but his preferences, hobbies, interests, and other matters that would be useful for internet marketers.

The target markets or users that sign up for newsletters or any free items receive the newsletters weekly, depending on the program being used by the webmaster. Such newsletters will include topics that are of interest to the user.

If the internet marketer is selling health-related products then perhaps the newsletter will feature interesting topics on health, proper diet, even healthy recipes.

With the newsletters are special product offers. Unknowingly, the user receives information that would make him give in and realize that he has a need for the products being sold.

Target Marketing Tips

A good email marketer will use soft selling and not hard selling in advertising his products through the newsletters. Having the right information about the target market will create the difference in successful email marketing.

The more you know about the interests and buying habits of your target market, the more chances you give him the necessary materials to encourage him to buy your products.

To be effective, targeted email marketing must make use of a strong headline. The marketer must make a proposition to his target market, and make it easy for the target market to respond to such proposition by making a possible set of actions available to him in just one click.

No reader would give even a glance at a piece of material that does not have an interesting headline. The first thing the reader will look at is the headline so it must be captivating and complete in itself.

Man is by nature egoistic so take advantage of this knowledge and condition then direct your articles to your target market.

From the headline itself, make your readers feel that they are reading something that would make a difference in their lives. Something that would enhance their beauty, body, and mind.

The clincher here though is that most readers would take a second d look at an article with the word sale in it.

You must believe in your product to make your sales pitch, which is in the guise of an article, more believable and more persuasive.

If you do not believe in your product then it will show with your words. Words are magical and so powerful they can make or break your marketing campaign.

So if you are not an effective writer then you better hire one if only to make your article more punchy and persuasive.

Make the readers feel that they have a need for the product and you are giving them a favor by making such products available to them. The magic word here is a benefit; anything that would benefit your reader would persuade them to read and to make use of your product.

Understand Your Marketing Goals

Take your cue from these and you will not go wrong with the articles you supply your target market.

However, do not give the readers everything in the email. If your goal is to increase website traffic, then give them something to salivate on which will encourage them to click the link to your website.

Give your reader a choice as to what you want him to do after reading your email. Most emails have great articles that are persuasive. However, they failed to include choices of what they want their readers to do after reading the articles.

And even if you presented choices of action to your readers, why should they do that? What would be their benefits if they follow your proposition and call to action?

And while you have much information to reveal in your email, do not tire your readers. Make the email short and concise. Your readers are busy people and they do not have all day to read your email. And even if they do have the rest of the day, they would not spend it reading your email especially if you do not offer them something in return.

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