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eUkhost Review; Package Plans and Pricing

A Review on eUkhost!

Welcome! I will be reviewing with you a few important points with this long-term, service-based hosting provider called eUkhost, Let’s get started with eUkHost Review Packages Pricing

I read from their main website that the company is a privately-owned business and has been around since 2002. 

Well, that is definitely a long time and we expected that with such history, eUkhost will definitely have clients to render their services to, their records showed over 35,000 clients comprising both large and small businesses and they have hosted more than 600,000 websites with up to date support.

eUKHost main page

According to their website, eUkhost has three (3) data centers and more than 18 years of hosting services experience with 5-star rating reviews, having clients in more than 120 countries across the globe.

That is pretty good for a start, Now let’s look into their Packages:


Types, Features, and Pricing

In order to fully appreciate eUkHost Review Packages Pricing, we need to consider their different plans and types of hosting. You can choose a plan for almost any need and budget. 

There are plans for shared (cPanel) hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting. eUKhost also provides cloud and dedicated servers for your business. They have more consideration for their audiences and try to meet their needs at various levels. 

Shared hosting

Just to know, eUKhost calls shared hosting cPanel hosting. This type of hosting idea is to share servers with other customers. The main advantage is pricing because this is the most affordable plan for each hosting provider.

eUKhost web hosting prices

The main disadvantage of shared hosting is limited features. And if some of your “neighbors” consume more server resources, you might suffer from low speed. This may be managed by the hosting provider recommending another package plan for such users/customers

eUKhost has three plans for cPanel hosting: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. 

The pricing is £2.95, £4.38, and £5.81 per month. The smallest plan includes 2 GB SSD and 10 MySQL databases, the biggest includes 20 GB storage and unlimited MySQL databases, the other features are very similar.

WordPress hosting

Another Hosting Package by eUkhost is The WordPress hosting which is specifically optimized for WordPress. It has three plans: Starter, Standard, and Pro Server. These plans have different storage (5 GB, 20 GB, and 50 GB), a number of websites (5, 20, and unlimited), and mailboxes (25, 200, and unlimited). 

All the plans have a free domain and unmetered data transfer.

The Starter plan will suit startups or individuals, the Standard will be good for small and medium companies and the Pro Server will suit big companies with lots of websites.

Review of EuKhost VPS hosting

VPS is a Virtual Private Server. Such hosting means you can manage all the environments and have root access to your virtual server. eUkHost Review Packages Pricing

The main advantage is that you can fully control the situation. But the disadvantage is that you need to control everything on your own. Still, you have 24/7 support.

EUKHost – VPS Hosting prices

VPS hosting is a great choice for professionals and big companies. eUKhost provides four plans for VPS hosting: Starter, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise.

The price is starting from £8.44 to £22.09 per month. 

You can receive from 2 to 6 vCPU cores, from 2 to 8 GB RAM, and from 30 to 240 GB SSD storage. You will also have unmetered bandwidth, cPanel or Plesk, free domain, and other features.

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting means that you don’t use bought resources and sell them to third parties. This option is widely used by developers or startup hosting companies.

eUKhost Reseller hosting prices

eUKhost provides reseller hosting for Linux and Windows. Each of them has three plans: Basic, Premium, and Supreme. The pricing starts from £10.99 for Linux and from £9.99 for Windows. Conditions for both operating systems are almost the same, but Linux is a little bit expensive.

You can order 30, 60, or 100 GB disk space, 25, 50, or 100 cPanel accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, and much more.


eUKhost pays strong attention to security issues. This hosting provides SSL certificates, personal signing certificates, remote backups, pitchman website security, and server & network monitoring.

Free backups are included in almost every plan, so you can be sure your data will be safe. With eUKhost, you can have a secure connection to the website, automated scanning for malware, and removing it. Hosting also can monitor the state of the network in real-time, so you will see if something goes wrong.


You can contact the support team at any time for any questions. eUKhost support works 24/7/265. You can create the support ticket, send the email, call support or write to the live chat.

All these options are available on the website even for unregistered users. So, you can ask for details about plans before buying them.

eUKhost Reviews on the website say that support is on the top level and really helps to solve some issues with hosting if they appear.

Pros and Cons On eUkhost 

eUKhost Pros and Cons

Daily Backups ✔️

eUKhost provides daily backups for all of its hosting services regardless of payment or tier. This is a nice benefit across the board and is important to protect your site from any data loss. The backups are handled via a third-party provider.

Unlimited Domains ✔️

eUKhost also allows you to pick up an unlimited number of domains, even with their cheapest and most basic plan.

Great Customer Service ✔️

Between several options like live chat or phone support and an extensive knowledge base, eUKhost has pretty good customer service that you’ll be able to rely on in a pinch or if you run into technical difficulties as you set up your site.

High Speed ✔️

Speed for visitors in the UK and US is quite competitive, rivaling the speeds of the best UK-based web hosts on the market. This is important since UK and US are where the majority of your traffic will likely originate from anyway.

Free Migration ✔️

Only some of the famed hosting providers allow for free migration; we’re glad eUKhost does as well.

Basic Plan is Limited ❌

While the basic plan does come with unlimited websites and unlimited domain purchases, it’s pretty limited in terms of features.

It also doesn’t have the best free antivirus software or any for that matter. With merely 2 GB of storage space, it’s really only a good option for beginner sites.

Low Value for Money ❌

Having to pay for six months of service regardless of what hosting plans you choose, the value for money here isn’t as good as what other hosting providers can offer.

Security Costs Extra ❌

While some plans (like the Business options) come with security built into their subscription plans, the shared web hosting solutions and several other plans don’t have any security options aside from a basic spam filter.

That means you have to pay extra for an additional firewall and virus scanner, taking more money out of your wallet.

Please note, there are lots of hosting providers out there, I expect you to do your diligent research in addition to my little review here

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