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how to create forms on google forms

How To Create Forms With Google Forms

Google Forms can make your Data collection convenient, so let’s learn how to create forms on Google Forms.

Google Form Interface
Google Form Interface

What is Google Form?

Google Forms create an easy-to-use data entry application for the collection of customers’ queries, registrations, RSVPs, Leads, sign-ups, and sends a basic business form in minutes. The app is also useful for polling, job applications, collecting lunch orders for conference attendees, and event registration. 

Historically, Google Forms was originally part of Sheets until it stands alone as a complete solution around 2008.

How To Create Google Forms

You can simply go to https://docs.google.com/forms from your Google Account especially with Google Chrome, which makes it easier to access.

You can either click on the Blank (+) icon to create a new form or use any of the available templates provided for you by Google.

Number 1: Form Title

The form title shows at the top of the form, within the domain form URL and it is important that such a title carries the main purpose of the form.

A Business brand setting up a questionnaire for customers’ feedback should title the form with both the business name and the forms’ objective.

Number 2: Questions

The Google Forms Question tab shows all the itemized questions and options, This helps you form all the required questions and answering options at a glance. There are various options such as making a specific question mandatory, adding images to answer options, selecting either a drop-down answer, a short paragraph, or a long paragraph, etc

Number 3: Responses

Respondent feedbacks, responses, answers are available to the owner of the form, you may be able to review the responses based on question items or even individual respondents.

Number 4: Styles

Here you will be able to change the heading image, background, font colour and text styles so that your forms can be branded with your business.

Number 5: Preview

With the preview button, you will be able to have a browser preview of the form in another tab so as to test the draft before going public, please note that you can always update, re-edit the form even after been published.

Number 6: Settings

With the setting tab, you will be able to define -re-editing after submission, signing in options, email requirement, the structure of the presentation, and options for respondents.

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Google Forms Setting
Google Form Setting

Number 7: Send

With the send button, you will be able to generate the URL for the form which can also be shorten using Google options, this link can be mailed, sent, even embedded into an HTML tag to be displayed on a specific page or post.

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Number 8: Options

Buttons like “Make a Copy”, Move to Bin, Get Sharable Link, add collaborations and lots more

Number 9: Edit Tools

The Edit tools in Google Forms helps you create your questions with options like:

  • Add Questions
  • Import Questions
  • Add Title and Descriptions
  • Image
  • Video
  • Section

Types of Forms You Can Create Using Google Forms

Google Forms has a library of templates you can use to create your custom-built forms for any of your prefered marketing objectives

You can build Google form for:

  1. Personal, which includes:
  • Contact information
  • Find a Time
  • RSVP
  • Party Invite
  • Event Registration
  • Sign Up

2. Work, which includes:

  • Event Feedbacks
  • Order Form
  • Job Application
  • Time Off Request
  • Work Request
  • Customer Feedback

3. Education, which includes:

  • Quiz
  • Exit Ticket
  • Assessment
  • Worksheet
  • Course Evaluation


This blog post tries to explain how to create forms with Google Forms even though there are lots of form applications out there, since Google forms are linked with your drive and the email is connected with your Gmail account, you will have smooth optimized mobile-friendly and accessible from various browsers.

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