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How to Create Website Using Google My Business

I will like to share with you how to create website using Google My Business, this blog will also have a video guide below where I showed the steps.

How can Google My Business Help?

google my business explained

Google My Business is one of the FREE Solutions provided by Google that brings your business on the Search, Maps and more, to your potential customer especially those who enter your business name into the Google Search engine.

In my opinion, Google My Business offers more business-required functionalities for FREE and easy to access, kindly go through the explanation below on how to create a website for your business using Google My Business.

Open A Google Account

The first step is to have a Google account, and if you do not have simply go to Google.com to create an Email Account, once you have a Gmail Account, definitely you have gotten access to other Google Apps such as Google My Business.

Click On Google Apps

Google Apps
Google Apps

If you click on the icons beside your profile on your Gmail account you will be directed to Google Apps, search within the apps you will see Google My Business Icon, or Simply go to https://business.google.com but you still have to log in with your Gmail account details.

Click On Google My Business and Start the registration process

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