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2021 is almost gone and 2022 is around the corner (yeah). Many people will set goals in business, personal development in all facets of life but few will implement them. Here is how to improve your business in 2022.

People who are really keen on growing must have started thinking of ways to do it, and not all, will be resolute on the first of January and start doing another thing the next day.

You must have been really thinking of how to improve on your business in 2022, but there is a cloud of confusion covering your thought, don’t fret, be relaxed; I got you covered

In today’s post, I will be focusing on the business side of your development.

I am going to show you how to break even in proven ways, how you can increase the zeros in your income, and ways you can improve your business in general. Now, let’s get into business.

Know Your Prospects

As a business owner, the first thing you must know is your prospects,  know how to connect with them, how to convince them to become your clients. This is the first and best way to increase sales.

For example, if you are a person selling laptops your targeted audiences should be between the ages of 18-40. You also have to look at the places where there are people whose job involve the use of laptop and other TECH tools. You can’t be a laptop seller and you will be thinking of opening a shop in Zamfara, Nigeria.

It is not a curse you will not sell. The question, how do I get a client might pop through your mind, that is the easiest problem to solve.

There are lots of platforms you can get prospects from like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media channels. The important and most the hardest part is to convince the potential client after getting to know them. But, we have to start from somewhere which is to know them first.

Develop Good Customer Relationship

Perhaps you were able to convince your customer, now the next is to retain them. Develop good customer relations and you will be amazed by the number of referrals. The number of trusts you will build and you are going to build will be astonishing. Fulfill your agreement and do not procrastinate.

Let them know that when you say something it should be so and they can never meet it without being so. Why do you think people are investing in MTN, TESLA, Airtel, Dangote e.t.c?

One of the reasons is because they’ve built and they still continue building the trust in their product and their services.

You will definitely go for the one with better ratings, why? Because they have built a something people trust, the app description is the description and the prospect turn client did not meet anything different from the description.

Be Very Careful While Building Your Business

Moreover, in the building of business you must be very careful, some clients are ready to rip you off your capital and profit and bring you down. So, to avoid bankruptcy you have to take the appropriate measure by making sure there is an agreement between you and the client.

Ensure a consensus is reached between two of you and if possible make sure a third party is present. That is one of the reasons why receipt, invoice and other books must be a mandatory book to have.

Aside from the written agreement between yourself and the customer you must ensure that all your transactions are written and recorded, ensure that all dimes received and spent is written.

According to Forbes, one of the traits of successful people is their ability to learn. If you are just growing and you know there is no fund you have to be ready to do everything, from marketing to accounting even to cleaning, you have to learn each of this from the scratch.

Diligence and Resilience To Grow your Business

You must diligently and resiliently apply the principle of accounting, marketing to your business. You must be ready to spend the little you have in other to gain the knowledge you need to scale up.

If you are following up to this point it means that you are really getting value from this. And if you practically and succinctly follow the advice I have mentioned expect your business to grow exponentially.


As a business owner who is now experiencing growth in his/ her business. The next thing you should is to scale up your business to a very good standard. You are thinking of funds right?. Yes, fantabulous.

You will have to apply for grant and  pitch your ideas to various investors to see if they could invest and if they are not convinced with the idea keep on improving and pitching. You can also find intern, train them and have an agreement with respect to your business.

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Your goal should be to scale your business such that the government recognizes it, if not you are not really hungry for success, I’m sorry you and your business may and up in the tunnel. There is a saying that goes thus, “If you want to go far work with a team”.

We also know the saying which goes thus “Two good heads are better than one”. In short try to get funding so that you can have more man power for more efficiency or invest your time to train people and get them working for you for a period of time so that you will be able to raise some capital for your business.

I will be stopping here for today and I hope you will implement it.

I hope you   enjoy the post and I am looking forward to more sales in 2022. If you enjoy this leave a comment, subscribe, and visit our affiliate portal

Till we meet next time bye..

Author:   Musa Habeeblai Ajani

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