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How to Sell More

The most important factor to any business is sales whether in product, service, physical or virtual. Hence it is important to discuss the topic; how to sell more especially to those who are already selling.

Key Concept on How To Sell More

Most startups look at building products or branding and public awareness but find it difficult to sell, keeping the business growth steady.

How To Sell More
Sell More

Sales involve getting prospects, building relationships, and exchanging continuous values (for money)

How to start selling today.

It is important to know that not all Sales start with money exchange 😱
Some sales may be to simply exchange your value to get attention, audience, build relationships that will otherwise turn into monetary value in the subsequent meeting 😉

Selling for money 💰🤑 is not usually the first step for long-term growth entrepreneurs, but selling to grab/build relationships.

This will enable you to start building your network, now your net-worth

Start exchanging your values in terms of services or virtual products,

Warning ⚠️
Don’t give FREE offers for all.

Please note, exchanging your values for attention/ relationships MUST be for a limited number, just 2 or 3 audiences.

Once you reached that mark, start exchanging your services for money, and do not offer free.

Sales for attention is simply to build your experience in offering your services to the public and to have a few client bases. Hence, it should be used with caution ⚠️

Once you have delivered your services and related with your audience, then take your sales to the next level, 😜 start selling for money 👍

This can also be simplified based on your level of business maturity, targeted customers, and the price of such services in the marketplace.

Do not undervalue your services it does not matter, nor guarantee sales

Deliver and follow up with your clients this will help you retain and sustain your business relationships

Let’s continue with this tip next week 😞

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