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Which Marketing Strategy Will You Prefer?

Marketing Strategies are highly important in identifying and understanding the various marketing models and see how best one can manage your entrepreneurial growth.

For any Entrepreneur or Business, there are basically two Marketing Strategies out there, anywhere as far as Digital marketing is concerned.

The First Marketing Strategy:

? Run Paid Ads, Build A Funnel, and Close Sales. ?

This strategy can be found on various models, tools, niches, globally. And there has not been any full-blown business except with some variation of this strategy.

The details are explained below.

Running Paid Ads on Social Media Channels, Search Engines, Audience Network places, Forums or other platforms to create Awareness, Drive Traffics into a Funnel (a system of building customers base or sales of products) then set up the sequence of remarketing steps such as calling, schedule physical meeting, video calls, emails, etc to close the deal depending on either the product or service are high ticket or low.

Advantages of paid Ads:

? With paid Ads, your campaign goes viral and your audience can be well targeted to reduce the wasting budget.

? It is highly scalable, the more your campaign budget the more audience you can reach, you can simply target worldwide (to reach any place, country, region, affinities, behavior, etc)

? If the campaign is not profitable after a few days you can simply stop the campaign and analyze your data to give more results.

Disadvantages of Paid Ads

? No Paid Ads without capital
? Most campaigns need to go through testing before proven what is profitable for the business.
? Though a small campaign budget will run but with limited reach and conversion

The Second Marketing Strategy

? Run Organic Ads, Build A Funnel, Close Sales ?

This process is about creating frequent valuable Contents and Active Engagements on Social Media Channels, Websites, Forums Email list, and driving traffic from these to your funnel to close sales without paying any dime to run Ads.

This strategy builds up brands, makes you engage with your community, and be a part of that community.
You add value upfront, establish connections before the exchange of money.
Your content helps the audience to decide what they need to buy and why to which they know you and get along with you.
You have placed yourself as an influencer.

Advantages of organic ads

? No marketing capital required
? Each content is a marketing agency that will keep driving traffics to you while you sleep
? People consume contents daily and massively
? With each content, you are giving value first before asking for money
? It helps the audience to decide, clear the doubts, and give you higher negotiation power.
? It helps you to keep in touch with your audience and create added values to existing relationships

? It requires consistent efforts.
? It consumes time,
? may require hiring others to work together, ?double efforts to market, close and deliver the products or services
? Organic growth algorithms of some social media channels may hinder the growth.
? It requires been online 24/7 active worker cos engagements can be initiated due to different time zones

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