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Using Contabo Server; Review

Contabo Server Review

Using Contabo Server: A personal review and Insight on some features, simplicity, and a bit of headache with Contabo server solution.

In all fairness to Contabo as a service provider here is a brief introduction to the solution history and development. Using Contabo Server: A personal review and Insight

Why Contabo Server Review?

Contabo Server, refers to Giga-International in 2003 and after a decade as Contabo, this German company is one of Europe’s top web hosting solutions.

Contabo Logo

What To Review On Contabo?

Contabo Server is best-known for its features, supports, and affordable plans, Contabo passed our performance tests with flying colors. With up-times you can count on and fast load times, Contabo sets your website up for success.

Why is Contabo Server Cheap?

The competitive market makes Contabo servers cheap, I think the priority of Contabo is to capture the maximum market due to that they are giving hosting at very cheap pricing

The pricing for any server with Contabo is good, Make sure you check the setup charges for the server.

I’m also another happy Contabo customer, I’ve been with them for just over two years with flexible and easy content system management web solutions

Various Available Server Operating Systems With Contabo

Linux Distros:

  • Cent OS 8
  • Cent OS 7
  • Debian 10
  • Debian 9
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Fedora 32
  • OpenSUSE Leap 15.1
  • FreeBSD 12.1
  • Arch Linux


  • Windows Server 2016 Datacenter (64 bit)
  • Windows Server 2012R2 Datacenter (64 bit)

Administration Panel:

  • Plest Obsidian Web Admin Edition
  • Webmin
  • LAMP
  • Webmin + LAMP

I have the “VPS S SSD”, which is four cores, 8Gb of memory, and a 200Gb SSD drive. It’s quite good and reliable.

Contabo Server with Operating Systems applicable

Contabo Server has listed both Windows and Linux Operating System Distros that are compatible with the solution as provided which are:

However, I have personally installed the Webuzo Admin panel on Contabo Server using CentOS 7 and still coming up with another video on how to install CentOS Web Panel (CWP) or even migrate from one admin panel to another at a click without any complications.

Contabo Data Location

Contabo currently operates multiple locations in Europe and North America for VPS, Virtual Dedicated Servers, and Dedicated Servers. The ultra-modern “green data center” in Munich (EU 1) was constructed and built by Contabo in 2009 and has enough room for 4,000 servers.

The second data center in Nuremberg (EU 2) has been launched in 2014, and it offers space for another 10,000 dedicated servers. In both locations, the office rooms are in the same building, only one level above the data floor.

In 2020, Contabo opened a third location in St. Louis, Missouri, USA (USA 1). The current capacity of this facility is set at 1.500 servers with an option to expand as the business grows.

Contabo Server Data Centers

All three data centers are state of the art, especially when it comes to operational safety and energy efficiency. Contabo invests large amounts in the maintenance and optimization of its entire data center infrastructure every year.

This allows Contabo to offer their customers a stable and – thanks to low operational costs – economical hosting platform, while at the same time protecting the environment as much as possible.

Ads On Features On Contabo

Please note some of these features are with some extra cost but worth every penny spent:

  • 1 additional IP address
  • Managed Server
  • Full Monitoring
  • Instant Setup
  • SSL certificate
  • SSL certificate (wildcard)
  • SSL certificate (24 months)
  • SSL certificate (wildcard, 24 months)
  • Backup-Space
  • Individual reverse DNS (=PTR) entry

Customer Support With Contabo Server

Their customer support is quite helpful and they respond quickly (i.e. within 24 hours).

“After nearly 15 years in business, German hosting provider Contabo has grown from a small office and a single server to multiple data centers and more than 5,000 machines.

Michael Herpich and Michael Bolke founded the company in 2003 based on three principles: discount prices, instant service, and top-notch customer support — and, for the most part, the company successfully delivers on all three.

Shared Hosting Plans With Contabo Servers

Shared hosting plans, which Contabo has dubbed Webspace Packages, tout affordability, security, and one-click installations of hundreds of popular programs.

In addition to including free SSL certificates and domain registrations, the company does not restrict the amount of traffic that can flow to a website.

Contabo might see some negative effects from not offering an unlimited storage option like most competitors, but customers should have ample room to house and grow their websites.

The company’s best-selling product, however, offers an impressive price-to-performance ratio. Two series of VPS plans to introduce varying levels of souped-up solid-state hard drives, giving customers a high-performing scalable environment.

A hybrid infrastructure combines the massive storage of hard-disk drives with the fast read-write speed of SSDs, which act as a data cache. which SSD configuration sacrifices a few hundred gigabytes but adds more CPU cores.

Contabo Product Offers

As with Contabo’s VPS plans, dedicated server customers can choose among a wide variety of operating systems and control panels for a slight upcharge. The bare-metal servers are an affordable blank slate for customers to configure and manage as they see fit, or they can ask the Contabo team for dedicated technical assistance as part of the managed services upgrade.”

  • Default RAID storage array
  • Automated backups available
  • FREE cPanel and account management portal

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