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Ways to Be Financially independent

The quest to be better than one’s parents financially is something every Nigerian youth wants.

But, it is quite unfortunate that most people don’t achieve 50% of their financial goals… hence, ways to be financially independent.

It is a new year, many people would have set their financial goals but by the end of the year, only a very few percentages of people will reach their goals.

One of the things I want to show us is how we can actually meet our goals financially regardless of the time of the year.

The method is something you might know already or you might have not…

If you painstakingly go through this post and you apply it you will be surprised of how your goals will be met.

Mindset To Financial Independent

These things I want to talk about will only work if you are smart, hardworking diligent, in short, you must possess all these good qualities…

One thing I think that distinctly differentiates between those who are stable financially and those who are not is information.

Successful people are more informed and exposed. They’ve swum through the tides of book, thereby being exposed to a lot of things.

Hardly will you see a financially stable person that is not a reader. Asides from the fact that they read to source for information.

They attend programs that will increase their wealth of information, they don’t even mind spending just to get information.

The good thing about information now is that you don’t need a whole lot of money to get it, the information we need is at our fingertips.

If we can harness the power of the internet and social media you will surely see the information you need.

If only we know how hard is it for people to find useful information in the primitive time we will never under estimate the power of information at our fingertips.

Information on Financial Independence

“Information,” they say is power. How do you leverage this information? How do you make money from it?

I know for sure that many thoughts will be going through your head right now. You might suggest opening a WhatsApp chat group and teaching people thereby monetizing the knowledge.

You may be thinking of applying for jobs with the information you acquire and stuffs you gathered.

Not all bad, but not the best to me I think the best is by connecting with like minds, private chat them attend functions and so on preferably people who have achieved in your field.

Why do I say this? It’s because the majority of jobs are won through connection than through meritocracy.

palladium Innovations for Financial Independent
Palladium Innovations

If you can go through this stress of connecting with people you will definitely see the difference and it will be as clear as crystal additionally if you know your onion well.

You will definitely be recommended and appreciated.

After recommendation what next? It depends on you.

You can start selling your information outrightly you can decide to be a consultant or you can probably find a bug organization that is in need of your skillset acquired and works as an intern.

You may start it with little or no charge. But, after the provision of service for some time, you will actually know when to raise the rates.

What I have been trying to say with all my jargon is that if you really connect with this kind of people and you did well your earnings will surely start.

Ways To Financially Independent

In summary, you have the skill, but having enough information about the skillset is important; that is one of the reasons you see two different people with the same skillset one is earning 40,000 the other is earning 400,000. Why? It is actually because of the skillset the later person has he decided to find useful information about and it and therefore getting exposed.

So the chain of financial stability goes thus.

Acquire the skillset> > get useful information>> be exposed>. > And renumeration comes in.

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