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What is video marketing?

In this blog, I will be sharing some insights on what is video marketing?

The concept of the video is much understandable however, video marketing is quite different due to the content, objectives, and results.

Definition of Video Marketing

Video marketing is the use of the video to deliver a message vs. text or static graphics. With the success of YouTube, video has been commoditized over the last decade making it much more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Previously, businesses had to spend significantly to advertise on TV, or hope the local news would cover their small business in the evening news.

However, Video marketing as a concept isn’t any different than other channels or forms of marketing. There is a message to deliver and an end result you or the client is looking for.

Video marketing has exploded as a sub-category mainly due to its success as being a very effective tool for delivering messages in an engaging way. Videos are just so much more interesting with our short attention spans than reading a PDF or document.

Today, video marketing focuses on the best practices for using video as a marketing medium. How long should videos be and what lengths perform best on Facebook or YouTube. Video upload placements, analytical results are also available to the marketers.

Why Use Video Marketing

Most importantly insights on your video analytics are available to view your audience watch time? How long did a user watch the video before clicking the “Buy Now” button?

Video Productions can also be very complex with many people are to produce a high-quality video.

This complexity has created the need for people in companies to specialize in video marketing so they can act as a translator or liaison in their company.

If a company is going to invest in video, they need to understand the production of videos, where their money is spent, and how effective the videos are (the result).

An increasingly integral part of a marketing strategy, video marketing is making use of videos to market your brand, product, or service.

As per a report released by HubSpot, over 50% of consumers said that they prefer content in the video form from brands versus any other form of content. Videos are used in various ways to increase customer engagement, create a database of potential customers and retain existing customers.

The top 6 videos that must find a place in your overall marketing plan are:

Video Marketing
Video Marketing

Videos portraying company culture: These videos play a crucial role in attracting candidates to join your organization.

FAQ videos:

Save your customer support team from resolving the same queries for every other customer. Creating a video of the commonly asked questions about your product/service will smoothen client and customer support team interactions.

Customer testimonials:

Creating an authentic and out-of-the-box video of your customers raving about your brand not just creates an impression on your potential customers but also might give them the much-needed nudge to help you close that sale.

Product/ service videos:

These are by far one of the most important videos that help customers understand the nitty-gritty of the solution your brand is offering.

They help potential customers with details that will greatly influence their buying decisions.

How-to videos:

A great how-to video helps in showing the viewers how exactly to use the product or the service.

This video again, like FAQ videos, will save your customer support team a lot of time.
Brand videos: In spite of being one of the most popular videos, the aim of these videos is not to sell the product/service directly.

Brand videos are created with an aim to create an impression, build a recall value among your potential customer base and have a compelling call-to-action.

One of my favorite examples of brand videos is – “Share a Coke” by Coca-Cola.

The brand did not talk about the drink directly but encouraged people to share a bottle of the drink which has a message that holds value to them.

With pre-printed messages like “Bestie”, “Rockstar”, etc., people did exactly what the brand wanted them to.

In my opinion, understanding these 6 kinds of videos will give you a strong sense of what video marketing is.


How Effective is Video Marketing?

Starting already with the early 2000s, video has become an inseparable part of our daily life. Nowadays using videos is open and accessible everywhere and for various reasons.

Video marketing is a strategy, used in business, which helps to introduce and promote products, brands, and services of a company.

Using videos for business has many benefits, such as making the company and products popular and thus increasing sales. Among other benefits of video marketing are:

A video can dramatically increase your website’s visibility on the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). It increases the traffic to your website.
Videos are more persuasive and the reason for this is that the human brain requires emotional input to make decisions. And no technology is better at conveying emotion than video.
A video builds more trust and credibility for your brand/ company. This helps to turn a viewer into a customer.
Past research shows that more than 79% of people who use the Internet frequently watch various videos. This makes this a powerful medium, and efficiency to perform wonders for any company.
Your target audience will remember what they saw and heard, unlike other marketing methods. This is the best way to present your products, service and explain how they work
And these are only some benefits of online video marketing.

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